Friday, April 25, 2014


Spring in the North Land
The changes of the seasons always makes me wax in a profound vein and realize that our lives follow the same inevitable path. All things in their season so here are my thoughts. Most of you know that winter isn’t my favorite time of year but it is inescapable and so I accept it and look forward to Spring. Last winter I escaped for a while to Florida and it was a wonderful respite from the two feet of snow that I dug out from prior to being blessed with the warm smile of the beach and sun of South Florida. As in life all things, good and bad come to an end and so did my stay in the sunny South. It was back to Naperville and what had been winter just weeks (perhaps months) before. On my arrival home I was greeted by Spring--just as in our lives it was new, it was fresh and it was beautiful. It was all one could hope for. It embraced a period that may be likened to our youth and our young adult lives when we blossomed into adulthood, found our life partners and started the human cycle with children and of course happy times.
Summer Arrived

Oh how we enjoyed the Spring years--the memories of new experiences, travel and friends will endure through the years and we will often fall back on those memories to guide us and to help usher in the Summer of our life, all the seasons of our life.

Summer is full, full of robust beauty, love and the fruits of our labor. It is the reward for enduring the winter, appreciating the beautiful and abounding hope that Spring brings to us. It seems that all too soon our Summer fades and we see the hint of autumn, the fall of our year and years. We enjoy the warm days and cool nights of early fall and we see its’ beauty and realize the importance of embracing those we love and the beauty of seasons past. We scurry to maximize each day and savor all that is beautiful. We realize that winter comes and seasons past will come again and again if only in our hearts and minds. Live Happy, Love caringly with abandon and know that good friends are the diamonds mined from our lives.

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